13 steps to make fresh mango juice

You can enjoy fresh homemade mango juice only in summer. The taste of bottled mango juice is sometimes not fresh enough. At this time, you can use a juicer to make fresh mango juice, or you can manually squeeze mango juice.

Things You’ll Need

Machine-squeezed mango juice :
4 servings

  • Two ripe mangoes
  • A cup of water
  • Two spoons of sugar
  • Some ice cubes

Hand-squeezed mango juice :

  • At least two mangoes
  • Half a liter of water
  • Two spoons of sugar

Way 1
Machine squeezed mango juice

Step 1:Wash and peel the mangoes.

Step 2:Cut the peeled mango into small pieces.

Step 3:Put the mango into the juicer with crushed ice, water and sugar.

Step 4:Start the juicer until it is evenly blended.

Step 5:Strain with a sieve.

Step 6:Throw away the excess pomace.

Step 7:Pour the juice into a glass and place a slice of mango on the side for garnish.

Way 2
Hand squeezed mango juice

Step 1:Pick a few good ripe mangoes from your own mango garden, or buy them at the fruit market. Try to use the same variety of mangoes.

Step 2:To make mango juice for the whole family, you need at least two mangoes. Wash the mangoes.

Step 3:Take two medium-sized bowls. One for the pulp and one for the peel.

Step 4:Peel the mango, put the peel in one bowl and the pulp in another bowl. Then squeeze the pulp with clean hands to squeeze out the juice.

Step 5:Soften the pulp in the bowl with your hands or spoon. Pour half a liter of water in and let the pulp spread out. Then add two more spoons of sugar to sweeten it, and stir until the juice is sweetened (see if the sugar has melted).

Step 6:Pour the juice into the glass without the pulp. Put the glass of mango juice in the shade. Or pour the juice into a jar and store it in the refrigerator.


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